Puff Pen Battery

Tired of cheap, underpowered pen batteries? The Dank Decades Puff Pen Battery is an absolute must have for anyone using a Rift or Pinnacle Hemp Cartridge. This little powerhouse includes 3 separate voltage modes, preheat, and micro-USB for charging. No more worries about finding an obscure charger when your battery dies. The Dank Decades Puff Pen Battery is available in three different colors: Blue, Matte Black, and Rainbow.

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Directions for Using Dank Decades Puff pen Batteries

Press Button 5 Times to Power On/Off

Press Button 3 Times to Adjust Voltage

Press Button 2 Times to Preheat

510 Thread CE3 Battery With USB Charger

Button Operated

CE3/10mm Size

Micro USB Charger Included

*Device may need charged upon arrival




Puff Pen Battery 4.9 stars 12 reviews.

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