About Us & The Beginning Of Pinnacle Hemp

Like so many businesses before us, Pinnacle was founded because the market did not offer what consumers deserved. Kevin and Jessica Lacey wanted to find a natural and healthier solution to help their daughter, Mackenzie, who suffers from epilepsy. They began to explore the CBD industry in 2015 when it was starting to get some buzz. The feedback they received was less than ideal – it was extremely discouraging.

In the midst of worrying that they would not find a natural solution to help Mackenzie, Kevin met Steve. Steve taught him about the power of the entourage effect. Kevin spent months learning about everything from genetics to terpenes, educating himself on how to craft the most powerful hemp product. To this day, there is still so much that humans don’t understand about the real power of the hemp plant.

Kevin and Jessica Lacey spent time searching for the right farmer, discovering the best genetics, and uncovering the least damaging extraction method to manufacture an amazing, healing finished product. With this product, they were ready to help the world.

Pinnacle Hemp Today

We’ve been making effective and groundbreaking products since 2016. Our products can be found across the US and across the globe. We have developed multiple lines to help the maximum amount of people. We offer full-spectrum CBD products as well as broad-spectrum and CBD isolate products. 

CBD oil is only as good as the hemp it’s derived from. That’s why we source our hemp from only the most reputable farmers in the CBD industry, using 100% organic hemp growing methods to ensure a pure and potent product. We employ top-of-the-line third-party labs to carefully test each batch of products for quality and consistency. You can find our labs here.  

Every day we receive some of the most amazing stories and testimonies from customers. They have powered this company through the ups and downs and kept our drive to help the world alive. It’s amazing and inspiring that plant oil and a great deal of education have changed the lives of so many. We promise to keep innovating, educating, and making the best hempful products possible.

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