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Pinnacle Hemp Delta 8 Gummies

A Beginner’s Guide to Delta-8 Gummies: Everything to Know

Cannabidiol (CBD) companies are currently losing market share to delta-8 THC hemp products. Despite the growing demand for delta-8 products, there’s a lot people don’t know. Many people picture stoners, getting high on a couch. When people think of CBD, on the other hand, they think of soothing, therapeutic benefits without the high. What if

Pinnacle Hemp CBD & Exercise

CBD and Exercise: Everything You Need to Know

The cannabidiol market could grow from $3.5 billion in 2021 to $13.4 billion in 2028. More people are recognizing how CBD might benefit their health. It could even help you accomplish your fitness goals. What’s the connection between CBD and exercise? How can the benefits of CBD support your workout routine? Keep reading to find

Pinnacle Hemp Marijuana Plant

Everything to Consider When Choosing a Delta-8 Provider

Did you know that, according to Yahoo! News, Delta-8 THC is an alternative to regular THC that produces a more gentle high? Additionally, it is legal in some areas, which means that you might have access to it. If you’ve been thinking of taking Delta-8, then you might be wondering how to choose the best

Pinnacle Hemp Buying CBD Online Safely

8 Tips on Buying CBD Online Safely for New Users

By 2027, the global cannabidiol (CBD) market could reach $39.99 billion. Despite the growing popularity of buying CBD products, not all CBD is made equal. It’s important to do your due diligence when buying CBD online. Otherwise, you could purchase a low-quality product. Some products are even full of harmful fillers. Don’t rush to shop

Pinnacle Hemp Vs CBD

Hemp vs. CBD: What’s The Difference?

The year 2018 brought changes in the hemp industry thanks to a certain farm bill. Once passed, it meant that industrial hemp production was legal in the United States. It also meant that CBD moved into legality too.  Now, in 2021, using hemp and CBD is more normalized across more states. Even if they do

Pinnacle Hemp What Is Hemp?

What Is Hemp? A Full Guide

According to research, the CBD market is now worth over a whopping $2.1 billion. The hemp industry is hot right now, and for a good reason, as there are so many uses for this miracle plant. This is why nearly everyone and their grandmother are now using CBD oil for one of its many health

Pinnacle Hemp Bloom of Hemp Flower

What Is Delta 8? A Full Guide

Did you know that more than 48.2 million US citizens used marijuana at least once in 2019? Although many states have legalized the buying and consumption of THC-based products, this type of drug is still prohibited in some parts of the country. Luckily, a new product derived from hemp is gaining a lot of popularity

Pinnacle Hemp CBD For Breast Cancer

Could CBD Help Alleviate Some Symptoms Associated with Breast Cancer?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, during which we acknowledge the many people who have tragically lost their lives due to this unsettlingly prevalent disease, while also spreading awareness about the various risk factors associated with it.  One in eight women will end up with a breast cancer diagnosis in her lifetime, and a staggering

Pinnacle Hemp CBD For Eczema

Are CBD Creams and Lotions an Option for People Suffering from Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)?

Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is a condition that affects about 15 million Americans, making it the most prevalent dermatological condition throughout the country.  Defined by its red, scaly patches of skin, this condition is both unpleasant due to its discomfort, and embarrassing, as it affects someone’s appearance, potentially making them self-conscious about how they look.

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