Pinnacle Distribution Announces Compliant Delta 8 THC Products

Pinnacle Hemp's Compliant Delta-8 THC products
Compliant Delta 8 THC
Pinnacle Distribution sets the gold standard for Delta-8 products in the CBD and hemp industry.

Pinnacle Distribution today announced a line of Compliant Delta 8 THC products to set the new industry standard. This announcement is a major move in the CBD and hemp industry for Pinnacle Distribution. Their mission to provide the highest-quality hemp products on the market and help the world drove the development of Compliant Delta-8 THC.

“The current industry standard for Delta 8 THC products is embarrassing. Companies are more focused on their profit margin than quality and safety,” says Kevin Lacey, CEO at Pinnacle Distribution. “We are seeing a lot of products from other companies that have been mislabeled as containing zero Delta-9 THC, and even more products that haven’t been third-party lab tested or labs that can’t accurately test for Delta-8 and Delta-9 products. That’s why Pinnacle Distribution is setting out to create a new industry standard.”

“With our Compliant Delta 8 THC products, you know you are getting exactly what you paid for,” Kevin emphasizes. “We don’t sell products we wouldn’t be comfortable using ourselves. Not to mention these other mislabeled products are testing “hot” for Delta-9 THC, making them illegal. You won’t find that with Pinnacle’s products. We are also moving all our testing to GC-MS testing, instead of HPLC so that we can make sure our products are federally legal.”

In addition to submitting all of its products to DEA-registered KCA labs, Pinnacle Distribution is moving all of its products to child-safe packaging with clearly labeled Delta-8 THC levels and quick access to the product-specific Certificate of Analysis. Pinnacle Distribution emphasizes going the “extra mile” to make the new industry standard for Delta-8 THC safe, transparent, and ethical.


Pinnacle Distribution has been making effective and groundbreaking products since 2016. They source their hemp from only the most reputable farmers in the CBD industry, using 100% organic hemp growing methods to ensure a pure and potent product. Pinnacle Distribution makes a promise to keep innovating, educating, and making the best hemp products available on the market. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for the latest updates.


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