Exploring THCP: The New Sheriff in Town

THCP has been reported to show a 33x binding affinity compared to base Delta 9 THC, which means faster uptake and longer lasting effects. Research shows that THCP is the most effective cannabinoid to be available in industry to date creating the most potent psychoactive effects.

THCP vape box platinum kush breath

Planet P THCP 1g Disposable


Planet P’s all new 1g THCP disposable with a classic strain profile Platinum Kush Breath. Enjoy 1 gram of powerful THCP distillate, in a convenient and affordable 1 gram package.

Available in 3 different terpene profiles
Peach Crescendo
Platinum Kush Breath
Pink Runtz

Researchers are keen to understand its effects on the body and mind. Early studies suggest that THCP may have stronger psychoactive effects than THC, meaning it could produce more intense feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Additionally, THCP may offer therapeutic benefits similar to other cannabinoids, such as promoting sleep quality, anti-inflammatory properties, and potentially even appetite stimulation.

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