Plain Jane THCA Pre-Rolls 4pck

Introducing the 4-pack Plain Jane THCA Pre-Rolls – the traditional pre-rolled option for anyone wanting to try THCA. Each carefully crafted pre-roll features raw cannabis flower rich in THCA. Enjoy the therapeutic effects in a hassle-free way, no need to roll-your-own. 

Available in three different strains:

Pineapple Fields

Grape Runtz

Strawberry Cheesecake

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More Information

Discover a new dimension of cannabis with our premium Plain Jane THCA Pre-Rolls. Crafted from the best cannabis available, these pre-rolls offer the traditional joint experience, rich in therapeutic THCA. Each pre-roll is expertly rolled for a smooth, flavorful smoke. 

Pre-roll Specifications:

Each package contains 4 pre-rolls containing approximately 1g of THCA flower

Packed in a Dank Decades Cone

Grape Runtz

The Grape Runtz cannabis strain is a hybrid strain known for its balanced effects and appealing flavor profile. It’s a cross between the strains Grape Ape, Gelato, and Zkittlez. The combination of these strains results in a flower that typically exhibits a sweet and fruity flavor with hints of grape, as the name suggests.

Grape Runtz is often praised for its well-balanced effects that may include a relaxed body sensation coupled with a euphoric and uplifting mental state. The THC levels in Grape Runtz can vary, but it’s generally known for having a potent but manageable psychoactive experience.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake is a indica dominant cannabis strain known for its delightful flavor profile and balanced effects. This strain is created by crossing three strains: Chronic, White Widow, and Cheese. This combo results in a plant with a sweet, creamy, and fruity flavor reminiscent of strawberry cheesecake.

The effects of Strawberry Cheesecake are typically balanced, offering both physical relaxation and a euphoric, uplifting mental state. Users often report feeling happy, creative, and stress-free after consuming this strain.

Pineapple Fields

An energizing and clear-headed sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain is renowned for its mood-elevating properties, effective in alleviating depression and boosting motivation. It has demonstrated positive effects in addressing headaches, stress, inflammation, and pain. 

What is THCA Flower?

THCA flower is cannabis that hasn’t been decarbed. It contains a compound called THCA, which is different from the psychoactive THC found once cannabis has been heated.

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