Multiverse THCA Live Resin Pre-Rolls

Introducing RIFT Pre Rolls – the perfect way to enjoy premium quality hemp flower in a convenient and easy-to-use pre-roll format. Made with the finest organic hemp flower, these pre-rolls are expertly crafted to deliver a smooth, flavorful and satisfying smoking experience.

RIFT Hemp Pre Rolls come in 4 different blends, each with its own unique flavor profile and cannabinoid profile. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing and calming effect or an energizing and uplifting experience, RIFT has got you covered. All RIFT Pre Rolls are made using only the highest quality hemp flower. They are carefully rolled to ensure a consistent burn and smooth draw.

Choose from Ice Cream Cake (THCA + Delta 8 + THCP), Sour Diesel (THCA + Delta 8 + Delta 10), Platinum Cookies (THCA + Delta 8 + THCB), or Pineapple Express (THCA + Delta 8 + HHC).

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More Information

Introducing the newest psychoactive pre-rolls from Rift, the new Multiverse 1g THC-A Pre-Rolls

Offered in 4 different cannabinoid blends:

  • THCA + THCB + Delta 8 Terpene profile: Platinum Cookies
  • THCA + HHC + Delta 8 Terpene profile: Pineapple Express
  • THCA + THCP + Delta 8 Terpene profile: Ice Cream Cake
  • THCA + Delta 10 + Delta 8 Terpene profile: Sour Diesel

Each box contains 1 Pre-Roll





Multiverse THCA Live Resin Pre-Rolls 4 stars 1 reviews.

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