What Is Hemp? A Full Guide For Beginners

According to research, the CBD market is now worth over $2.1 billion. The hemp industry is hot right now, and for a good reason, as there are so many uses for this miracle plant. This is why nearly everyone and their grandmother are now using CBD oil for one of its many health and pain-relieving benefits.

In 2013, there were zero acres of hemp growing in the US, while now there are over 150,000 acres. This is a perfect example to display just how powerful this plant really is. 

The only question is, what is hemp, actually? There is so much confusion about the hemp plant, and many people do not know the difference between hemp, marijuana, and cannabis. 

Thankfully, we created this article to explain everything you need to know about the benefits of hemp, the difference between hemp and marijuana, and how to consume hemp safely. Keep on reading to learn more!


The hemp plant belongs to a family of plants named “cannabis”. Within the cannabis family, there are two plants called the marijuana plant and the hemp plant, and while many people believe these are the same plant, they are quite different at the molecular level. Because of this confusion, the FDA outlawed the hemp plant during the “War on Drugs” with the marijuana plant until research concluded that they are not the same plant. 

The hemp plant derives from the Cannabis sativa mother plant and also belongs to the dioecious plant category, which means that it can be divided into male and female plants. Because of this, the hemp plant is famously known for its variety of uses, some of which go back over 10,000 years ago.

Some of the uses of hemp include:

  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Hemp seeds and hemp hearts (high in healthy Omega 3 fatty acids)
  • Protein supplement
  • Paper
  • Rope
  • Building materials
  • Fabric
  • Fuel and feedstock for farms


While hemp and marijuana both come from the same plant, they are quite different in terms of how they affect the body. The main difference between hemp and marijuana is the level of THC and CBD they have.

THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) has psychoactive effects and is the component responsible for that “high” feeling when smoking marijuana. CBD (cannabidiol) contains over 80 chemicals called cannabinoids that do not contain any psychoactive effects. 

Hemp contains over 20% CBD, and less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, while marijuana contains only 10% CBD and over 20% THC. 


Another common confusion for many people is understanding the difference between CBD and hemp seed oil. While they may both come from the same plant, their effects are quite different.

The healing power of CBD comes from the hemp flower extracts where they are processed and utilized. The hemp flower is where you will find the phytocannabinoids, which contain the compounds that our cannabinoid receptors respond to. We will talk more about these receptors later in this article.

The hemp seed oil is more refined and has no cannabinoids or CBD, however, hemp seed oil does have some fantastic health benefits when used as a health food supplement.


Hemp flower includes a high concentration of over 120 different beneficial compounds, CBD being the most potent one. The different types of hemp flower are known as CBD strains, which you can find on our online shop. 

The secret of the potency of hemp flower comes from their main compounds called terpenes. These terpenes are what create the aroma of plants, but also where the healing potency comes from. For example, you can smell lavender because of the terpenes, which are also responsible for the relaxation benefits too. 

This is also why essential oils have become so popular as an alternative modality for healing, as the terpene content helps to stimulate better health. Cannabis contains the highest amount of terpenes out of any plant, which helps to enhance the experience of CBD and hemp flower.

Other health benefits of CBD and hemp flower include:

Anxiety and Depression Relief

Instead of using many pharmaceutical drugs that come with horrible side effects, many people are now turning to the use of CBD instead. According to one study, a 300mg dose of CBD was enough to help alleviate symptoms of anxiety in men. 

Pain Relief

Within our bodies, we have multiple systems that are responsible for many different functions, such as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for regulating sleep, strengthening the immune system, stimulating appetite, and pain management. 

When you experience pain, the body naturally secrets endocannabinoids, which are neurotransmitters that attach to the cannabinoids receptors in your nervous system and helps your body to control the levels of pain. 

Taking CBD assists your body with endocannabinoid activity and helps your body to regulate pain much easier. 

Acts As a Neuroprotectant

Because of CBD’s ability to interact with the endocannabinoid system in the brain, it can help people who are suffering from neurological disorders. 

One study discovered that CBD oil dramatically reduced the number of seizures in children that suffer from Dravet syndrome. It is also currently being studied on its effects with reducing inflammation that leads to Alzheimer’s disease. 

Helps With Skin Conditions

You now know that you have cannabinoid receptors in your brain, but did you know you also have numerous cannabinoid receptors in your skin? Many new studies are just scratching the surface on just how powerful the skin healing benefits of CBD is for skin inflammatory conditions. This includes acne, eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, and many other conditions. 

Reduces Cancer Cells

According to one study, CBD can help inhibit the aggressive growth in breast cancer cells in mice. This may only have been tested on animals so far, but this shows a major move forward in the research and development of CBD for cancer patients. 


Now that you know some of the incredible benefits of Hemp flower, you are probably wondering where you can legally purchase and consume it! 

Recently, in 2018, Congress passed the Hemp Farming Act which made it legal to produce and use hemp products at a federal level. This bill declared that hemp contains only 0.3% THC and therefore, can be used without the concern of psychoactive effects. 

While this does sound promising, since then, certain States decided to create new laws where smoking and consuming hemp is actually illegal, so make sure you double-check before consuming hemp flower in your home. 


The most important factor when looking for hemp flower is finding a company that is reputable. Thankfully, Pinnacle Hemp is a family-run business that focuses solely on providing CBD products that will help you to feel your best.


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