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Welcoming another great product in the Rift THCO family, caringly crafted THCO Cartridges. Rift is bringing top of the line quality to a whole other level. We’ve picked out the best terpene profiles to go along with the best cartridge formula.

Rift THCO Cartridges come in a variety of terpene profiles. Pineapple OG (Hybrid), Blueberry Donut (Indica), and Strawberry Mimosa (Sativa).


This product is psychoactive.

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after use.

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Hemp Derived THCO, Natural Terpenes

A hybrid of Purple Thai and Thai, Blueberry Donut is an Indica dominant strain. Blueberry Donut has a delicious fruity scent and a delicious flavor. This strain gives you a story high, but it is not sedating. Blueberry Donut is a relaxing Indica strain that provides long-lasting euphoric effects. Fresh blueberries combine with relaxing effects to make this an excellent choice for winding down at the end of a busy day. In addition to treating pain, insomnia, and depression, and helping you relax after a long day, it is also good for relaxation. Rift is bringing top-of-the-line quality to a whole other level. We’ve picked out the best terpene profiles to go along with the best cartridge formula. Our Blueberry Donut Indica cartridge will leave you feeling relaxed and uplifted just like you would with a dessert donut. 

Pineapple OG combines OG Kush with Sour Grape to produce an indica-dominant strain. Combining the energetic effects of a Sativa with the calming effects of an Indica, this strain creates a euphoric experience. It is a great daytime remedy for depression and stress due to its high terpene content. Introducing the new THCO Cartridges from Rift. Created from the finest hand-picked strains and terpenes, each of these carts is carefully crafted to deliver a quality experience.

The Mimosa is a Sativa dominant hybrid bred to give you the best of both worlds. An ancestor of citrus brings freshness to this THC-rich strain. Bright and happy daytime effects make mimosas great for chasing away sleep and boosting your mood. The earthy blend of strawberry flavors will wake you up in the morning without sacrificing the rest of your day. Rift THCO Cart – Strawberry Mimosa (Sativa) is a powerful Sativa strain crafted to deliver an uplifting high. As a result, you will get a quick euphoric lift and laser-sharp focus, leaving you feeling energized and motivated for hours.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if safety seal is broken. Do not exceed suggested use.

Individuals taking medications should consult with a health practitioner prior to use. If you experience any adverse symptoms after use, please discontinue immediately and talk to your doctor right away.

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