Pinnacle Hemp Body Lotion 1000MG

Pinnacle Hemp’s Moisturizing Body Lotion is gentle enough for daily use with all skin types. Beyond nourishing the skin, our topical CBD body cream is made from hemp extract and has anti inflammatory properties for pain relief and general discomfort. The healing properties of CBD in lotion can even reduce systems associated with skin conditions.
  • Contains 1000mg of Full Spectrum CBD.
  • Lotion comes in 4oz bottle
Do you prefer your lotion with CBD to be scented or unscented? The best CBD body lotion comes in two different options: Coconut Beach Dream – A scented body lotion with CBD that gives you the pleasure of smelling your way to the beach all hours throughout the day. Unscented – For those who want CBD hemp lotion purely for the benefits. FullSpectrum Gold Product Info


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