Pinnacle Hemp Delta 8 Flower Bundle

Maui Wowie The perfect buzz to move throughout your day with purpose and focus, stimulating your mind and allowing you completely clear thought throughout your day. It’s an energetic but pleasant high that doesn’t interrupt your thoughts or daily routine, but gives you the extra spark to work through your day with zip and zeal. Blue Zkittles A potent and highly relaxing indica terpene profile. This strain is great for lighting up during the night and drifting off into the pleasant melodies of a night spent indoors and relaxed. Curl up by the fire or crack open a good book before you ingest our Blue Zkittles for a perfect night in. This particular strain is our most relaxing and invigorating yet, so order today if you’re ready to feel Blue all over. Hawaiian Haze Our third option is the crème de la crème, a beautiful hybrid terpene profile which glides you perfectly into a feeling of balance and well-being. Let all of your worries slip away and stay locked up during your time on the awesome Hawaiian Haze strain. Our new six-flower collection is diverse and dynamic enough to keep you blissful and moving throughout your day.


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