Pinnacle Hemp Full spectrum CBD MCT Oil

Our trusted tincture formulation with a twist! Created with our high quality USA sourced hemp extract and MCT (medium-chain-triglyceride), our full spectrum CBD MCT Tincture allows for faster CBD concentration, as the MCT (better known as coconut oil) carries the CBD directly to the bloodstream. This allows you to reap the health benefits faster and more efficiently. These tinctures are another easy-to-use, day or night option for your daily CBD regimen. You can take MCT oil CBD tincture sublingually (by mouth, held under the tongue for 60-90 seconds). or You can also add it to your favorite recipes or into a cup of warm tea or coffee. Our CBD tincture MCT oil ispackaged in gold bottles in 15ml or 30ml sizes. No matter the size, all of our tinctures are capped with a dropper applicator that has clearly labeled measurements allowing for flexible and accurate dosage options.


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