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Just about everyone knows what THC is. And while CBD may be the new kid on the block, awareness of this powerful ingredient is spreading far and wide and many are turning to CBD products to help them manage everything from anxiety and pain to inflammation and seizures. 

But the problem is that CBD doesn’t really give you an indication that it’s working. You won’t feel high, so it’s hard to know if you need more or less to achieve the right benefit, and that can make dosing more complicated.

However, if you haven’t heard of Delta 8, it could be just what you need. Available both online and in retail stores, Delta 8, also known as D8, is a derivative of hemp and cannabis that sort of occupies the middle ground between THC and CBD. Like THC, Delta 8 provides something more akin to being high, but without the full psychoactive effects of THC. That can be ideal for those that want their CBD products to have more of an identifiable sensation, all while avoiding the pure “high” feeling from THC.

Available in various products and product types, Delta 8 can be purchased online directly from our web shop, and we also sell a number of different products to help you meet your exact need. From simple Delta 8 pre-rolls to vape cartridges, CBD oil, sprays and even Delta 8 gummies, you can find it all here in our web shop. We even carry fun disposable pens and Delta 8 syringes so that you can medicate while you’re on the go.

Great for those that want a milder high, buying Delta 8 THC products online is an ideal alternative to cannabis. In general, users report more of a fuzzy body high than the heady and buzzy high that’s typically associated with THC, and Delta 8 THC can also provide relaxation and pain and anxiety relief just like pot. If you’re interested in a way to get a more mild THC high, buying Delta 8 online is a great way to do precisely that. 

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