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Pinnacle Hemp First Place Hemp Cup Winner

What is the Hemp Cup?

High Times magazine was founded in 1974 by Tom Forçade as a joke. Fast forward to 2021 and it’s obvious the marijuana mogul has taken the cannabis scene very seriously the past few decades, rivaling big name publications like magazines like Rolling Stone & National Lampoon. In 1988 the Cannabis Cup was birthed by Steven Hager allowing judges from all over the world to vote on their favorite cannabis strains. The wildly successful Cannabis Cup started sharing its spotlight in 2020 with the first ever High Times Hemp Cup. The Hemp cup pits manufacturers of hemp, CBD and other cannabis variants against each other in the same end user-judged competition as its older counterpart. Categories such as best hemp flower, pre-roll, edibles, tincture and pet products fill the ballot. The competition was fierce right out of the gate with the advent of the first Hemp Cup just last year in 2020. 2021 brought some new competition, as well as familiar faces and titles holders from the year before. There’s no doubt the Hemp Cup is here to stay, chasing the tails of the ever popular original Cannabis Cup.

How did Pinnacle Hemp Win?

Pinnacle Hemp was founded in 2014 with the intent of Kevin & Jessica (owners) helping get their daughter away from big pharma meds and on a more natural path for Epilepsy relief. Since then, Pinnacle has proven itself to be a long standing leader in high quality consumer CBD products manufactured in the USA.

Fast forward 7 years and High Times presented the opportunity to compete in the 2021 Hemp Cup. Although winning awards is nothing new for Pinnacle, you can’t deny the immense presence High Times has had on the Cannabis and Hemp community, stemming way back to 1974.

Pinnacle entered 5 separate categories in this year’s cup, and walked away with 3 placed entries, including two 1st place winners. The Maui wowie pre-rolls took center stage being cited by judges as “Smoking the Pinnacle Hemp Maui Wowie pre-roll may have been my most enjoyable pre-roll experience yet.”

Pinnacle also took home the gold for their Full Spectrum CBD Dog Treats, and a 2nd place for Full Spectrum CBD Coffee, both have been a favorite among customers for years. What will next year’s Hemp Cup bring for Pinnacle? You’ll have to follow along to find out, but for now, Pinnacle remains the gold standard.

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