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Bundle 1:

Delta 9 Gummy Slices
Delta 9 Gummy Slices

Delta 9 Gummy Slices

Leading off for this bundle is our customer favorite Delta 9 Vegan Gummies. These are perfect to take with you anywhere you go providing great taste and euphoric sensations with only 10mg of Delta 9 THC.
Full Price – $19.99

Rift HHC Cartridge

HHC Cartridge

These Rift cartridges pack a punch, being that HHC is one of the new age cannabinoids, almost identical structurally to Delta-9 THC. Have no fear and take your Sour Pebbles cartridge around town as some have said to feel energized and talkative after a couple puffs.
Full Price – $39.99

Rift HHC Cartridge
Maui Wowie Pre-Roll
Maui Wowie Pre-Roll

Delta 8 Pre-roll

Edibles are fun and tasty but every once in a while, there’s nothing like lighting up your own personal joint. The Maui Wowie Sativa strain works as a great activator for creativity, as well as a go-to strain for a nice day out in the sun.
Full Price – $7.99

Full Price Total = $73.97

Bundle Price Total = $40.78 (50% SAVINGS)


Bundle 2:

Rift Disposable

Rift Delta 8 Disposable

Nothing is worse than your disposable pen dying before you’ve used up all your distillate. Containing RIFT’s award winning Delta 8, these disposable pens are rechargeable for whenever you’re running out of juice.
Full Price – $24.99

Rift Disposable
Delta 8 Gummies
Delta 8 Gummies

Rift Delta 8 Gummies (50mg 2pck)

Delta 8 is one of those new cannabinoids that have been taking the industry by storm due to their minor psychoactive effects that are similar to traditional THC but way less aggressive. This two pack is a perfect trial run for first timers looking for “edgier” CBD.
Full Price – $4.99

Rift Delta 8 Spray Tincture

Delta 8 Spray Tincture

While most tinctures come in droplets, Pinnacle Hemp’s spray tincture makes it even easier to provide yourself with the proper amounts of Delta 8 needed for relief and calmness. Simply spray under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing.
Full Price – $29.99

Rift Delta 8 Spray Tincture

Original Price = $59.97

Bundle Price = $25 (60% SAVINGS)

Delta 8 Gummy Review

ALways Wonderful Help!

I have Lupus among many other pain conditions and the Delta 8 gummies help so much! I have a hard time finding natural products that work and these definitely do! Y’all are great at customer service, shipping and providing great products!

Shellie R.

Delta 8 Pre-Roll Review

Definetely Recommend

I love this item! I have chronic migraine and this product helps minimize my encounters with them. It takes the edge off of daily stress and helps me to feel better in general while also helping me to sleep well. It’s indica profile which is my personal favorite. I highly recommend it!

Robert W.

Delta 9 Gummy Review

Great Product, Great People!

I couldn’t be happier! I have ordered more than a few D9 3000mg bags. I have had nothing less than excellent service! The D9 edibles have helped me with my severe social/general anxiety issues! I cannot thank Pinnacle Hemp enough ♡

Kelly B. 

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