In July of 2017, I decided enough was enough and I was unhappy with all the Docs, the tests,and even the looks I would get from Pharmacies when I would go to fill my RX”s and they would presume you were just another addict. As I began to consider any and all other alternatives along with Medical Marijuana as it was becoming more and more mainstream, I began researching and I was hearing about CBD stories, miraculous transformations and testimonies from people with similar stories regarding CBD, Kratom, Full Spectrum, Isolates, infused foods and I became intrigued but also skeptical.  I tried several online samples as well as purchases I would make at vape conventions and expos all to great disappointment and awareness that the stories were too good to be true. A pal who owned some vape shops asked me to try Pinnacle CBD and I balked for several weeks. Dealing with daily pain and a desire to get off all pharmaceuticals for my own well being I bought some Pinnacle CBD Natural and i think i bought their gummies. Not sure if the honey sticks were out yet, but I gave it a shot and I began to take mid range doseage without too much fanfare and grand announcements……twice a day under the tongue ( 1/2 dropper full) ……3-4 days went by and I realized that something was happening and i didnt know what, as I was always up and down with pain prior to CBD. As a quirk, thought it was just a good couple of days.  Within a week to ten days, I virtually had very little discomfort except for inflammation that required Ibuprofen for only 2 weeks and now its Pinnacle CBD 3 x a day. I ingest under the tongue, I vape the CBD OIL as needed and I supplement once in a while with honey sticks. That’s All I take (except for an occasional Ibuprofen as needed , maybe every week or two ). I have not changed protocols with the exception that I partnered with Pinnacle and my name as I wanted to develop a flavor line endorsing it with my celebrity (such as it is) to share this amazing product with the world. I think flavors are a great improvement as sometimes the taste of CBD is similar to a clean dirt….I found it a little bitter which is why a little flavoring which will not change the benefits is a way to get people who really want to get better and not just settle for feeling O.K. and get by.  I want people with issues to know there is help available if you research, listen, ask questions and get educated, from people who feel your pain either personally or has someone in their family going through terrible times. I trust it, I believe in it, I use it, and I PROMOTE it and will do so everyday as long as I can. I want to enhance the quality of peoples live proportionate to the crisis, havoc, and health issues they are living with.